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Thanks for 2022

We're glad for the YoungVision summer 2022 and are looking forward to 2023. Stay in touch on our telegram channel under to get updates.

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Our Vision of a new culture

Our Vision of a new culture


For cultural competence education to counteract a fragmented future. From a me-centered to a we-centered culture. When we support each other in our vision, we experience the movement of the young generation for the change of this world.


When I listen to you - when I am honest with you - when I see you and give you the opportunity to see me - when you witness me witnessing you - relationship takes place. The YoungVision Summer opens spaces for self-awareness and self-reflection, for encounter, authenticity and a conscious and non-violent togetherness.


During the 10 days you can learn tools of self- and emotional regulation in lectures, workshops, exercises and group dynamic self-experience spaces. These newly learned tools can enable you to establish a more conscious approach to yourself and others and take them into your everyday life.

The speakers

The speakers of the workshops come from the fields of communication and conflict training, coaching, bodywork, (experiential) education and personal development. Let's create spaces together to replenish our emotional stocks.


You can expect in the program: Introspection, process coaching, bodywork, non-violent communication, transparent communication, experiential education, meditation, stress management (MBSR), dance, music & theater and much more. The program is designed to enable you to create a greater awareness of inner and outer conflicts and to strengthen self-care and stress resilience.

Our Team

The team consists of therapists, doctors, coaches and educators. Since sensitive topics are often addressed in the context of personal and emotional development, you can always approach this team if you need support.

Everyday life during the event

Everyday life during the event


How often do we have time in our daily lives to stop and listen? What does this do to me? What feels good? What doesn't - and why? And how do I learn to notice myself in the first place? There is room for all these questions here - and not only in silence. We are looking forward to you and everything you bring with you.

##our motivation There are already proven consequences of the Corona pandemic in young people. Chronic stress, social withdrawal, and depression, among others. Our education and health care systems are overburdened to absorb these consequences. There are not enough therapy places and rooms where young people can process the pandemic. We want to counteract this with the "YoungVision Summer" and create a meeting space that will bring you back courage, joy and the desire for shaping your future. Together we want to find a healthy way to the returning "normality".

Drug free

Drug- and alcohol-free zone during the whole YoungVision summer. Because we want to create a clear togetherness and our experience shows us that this makes the most sense without drugs for the kind of meeting that takes place at YoungVision. #naturalhigh


YoungVision summer is fully vegan. That means you can expect the most delicious organic vegan delicacies for the entire 10 days. There are no wheat products and gluten-free alternatives are provided.

##Daily structure 08:00 am - Morning meditation, yoga, movement activities 09:00 a.m. - Breakfast 10:30 a.m. - Thematic spots 14:00 - Lunch 15:00 - Break 16:00 - Thematic spots 19:00 - Dinner 21:00 - Evening program

##Arrival and departure Arrival on Friday, Aug. 12, (Module 1) and Wednesday, Aug. 17, (Module 2) from 2 p.m. on. Departure for module 1 is possible at any time on Wednesday or Thursday until after breakfast. On the day of departure (21.08.) we end at 14 o'clock. And there will still be lunch until 3 pm.

Respectful togetherness

Respectful togetherness


We, the YoungVision Summer Team and the association YoungVision e.V., clearly distance ourselves from all forms of discrimination, racism, sexism; Ableism as well as right-wing, nationalistic ideas have no place at our events. Persons who behave in a discriminatory manner will be excluded from our events.


We want to establish non-violent and respectful communication in all areas. For this we need you too! If you have been discriminated against at one of our events or have witnessed someone else being discriminated against, we invite you to approach the team or the assistants. We will listen to you and find a solution. There is also a trained awareness team that is always there for you.


Through our socialization, we all carry racism and discriminatory thoughts and patterns of action within us, which need to be reflected upon. We want to create spaces in which we take each other seriously, meet at eye level and learn from each other. We strive to constantly develop ourselves and to counteract discrimination through education and the discussion of the topic of inclusion.

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